Comparing our Christmas


Last night my husband and I watched a movie that was on TV. There was a line the male character said that caused this writer to grab her phone and type his quote into her notes so I wouldn’t forget it.

“You are a woman to love.”

We are in the midst of a season that if a poll was taken would show that it is the most time women compare themselves to other women.

We can be hard on ourselves for the silliest things.

We spend hours decorating our home for the holidays and love it. Until we scroll through Facebook and see a picture of her home that looks like a spread from Better Homes & Gardens and suddenly we think our home looks like an ad for the Dollar store.

We receive a Christmas letter from the Family of the Year. The family that undoubtedly just lived through 12 months of perfection. Perfect vacations, perfect kids, an all around perfect life and we reflect on all the things that happened in our last 365 days. And without even meaning to, we downsize all the good God did in our life.

We see others participating in Advent, attending Christmas Eve service and having such a Christ centered Christmas that even the angels are impressed. While we can only produce a picture of our crying kids sitting on the lap of a mall Santa.


We compare the 5 minutes it took to pick out our bakery purchased goodies to her hours of Betty Crocker baking beauty in her Christmas apron.

We compare

our on-line purchased gifts to all of her completed Pinterest projects that were hand-made with nothing but love.


, we’re not good enough decorators, bakers and gift-givers. Our comparisons make Jesus’ birth an after thought and on New Years Day our resolution is next year Jesus will be the reason for the season.


If not careful, our comparisons can become so great that it’s not the CEO’s of big stores keeping Christ out of Christmas, it’s us. 

Jesus doesn’t want us to create our own personal hell of not measuring up. He wants you to know that He came to this earth because you are a woman to love

You are a woman who He’s not comparing to any of His other creation. He loves you as is. And more than He wants you to have a life that is Christmas letter worthy, He wants you to endure the messed up months of your year with Him. He wants you to have more than a Christ centered season, He wants you to have a God focused year.


So, starting today, let’s put down our comparison measuring stick because in this world of bigger and better, we will never arrive. Instead, wrap yourself in the truth that our Savior thinks that you are a woman to love




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10 Responses to Comparing our Christmas

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the good reminder!
    My family is blessed…not in the same way that I see other families being blessed, but I also don’t see the struggles that they are working through either. And Christmas isn’t about us anyway, it is about remembering the start of God’s perfect plan for every person on this planet!

  2. Loved this… And don’t worry- I’m putting a “real behind the scenes story” copy of our Christmas letter in your card this year! (hee – hee)

  3. Alison says:

    I love: “we downsize all the good God did in our lives.” Isn’t that the truth? And what a pity it is. Comparison truly is the thief of joy, and of our trust in God. Thanks for the reminder to keep Him at the forefront, Lelia!

  4. Oh THIS is so good Lelia. Especially closest to home are the Christmas letters that I receive from friends. They are always so “perfect” and it’s so easy to compare my life with others’ and forget all of the good God has done in my own life and that of my family’s. Time to toss out the measuring stick, indeed!

  5. hisfirefly says:

    My heart agrees.
    Why don’t we put away that measuring stick, not only for Christmas, but forever!

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