Christmas Interrupted

Today I am guest posting on my friend Caryn’s blog. This was such a tough post for me to write that I threw out the first draft and considered backing out of writing this post.

After a week of tears and prayers and encouragement from Caryn, God gave me the words. This post is very special to me as God guides us through this season that is all about Him.

Oh…and there’s a GIVEAWAY! My dear friend Renee Swope is giving a signed copy of her new book, “A Confident Heart Devotional”. A perfect way to start off 2014 would be with her 60 day devotion.

To be entered for a chance to win, click on Renee’s book and it will take you to Caryn’s beautiful blog, State of the Heart Living. 


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6 Responses to Christmas Interrupted

  1. deandginger says:

    God bring you comfort at this time, and always. I do understand, my younger brother is also in prison, and unless God intervenes, I will not see him again until Heaven. God bless!

  2. Chrissie says:

    God bless and keep you. He will hold your heart and bring you comfort. He’s done so for me so many times, I can’t count them.

  3. God told me, back in June, to share my life-testimony; I hardly thought I had one, other than, “Welp, at least I’m still here.” Still, I signed up for the farthest spot (December 16th). Then He healed me, completely, in July, and it was smooth sailing until He told me to invite a few people I know and love to come hear this testimony. I was TERRIFIED! Still, I invited, and all last Sunday (Dec. 15th) thru Monday I could hardly stand the anxiety.

    • BUT, As I scrolled up my Twitter TL, I had the exact thought, “Man, i feel that urge to withhold some things.” and no more than 1-2 seconds after completing that thought, I landed on a friend’s tweet from 7 minutes before, “Withholding nothing.” <<<that was it, and nothing more. does our God love us, or what? BTW, bout a minute before stepping to the podium, all of the fear and anxiety left my body, and I believe God was glorified. Amen! 🙂

  4. Debi Schuhow says:

    Where is the blog?

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