(un)Happy New Year!


The 3 most popular words heard and said this time of year.

Resolutions are written.

Gym memberships are purchased.

New beginnings have begun.

Hope for a happy and prosperous year is in the air.

But what if the next 300 plus days are anything but happy?

What if heartache awaits you in 2014?

Hard stuff happens to God-seekers all the time.

Loss of…life, jobs, dreams.

Broken…hearts, vows and plans.

Christ centered homes become the biggest messes in their neighborhood.

Princes and princesses of God become Prodigals.

But it’s in the unhappy moments where discovery occurs.

Where the Names of God you’ve read about gets personal with you.

When the 23rd Psalm is lived instead of recited.

It’s where victory straight from the throne room snuffs out the devil.

It’s where your pain becomes bearable only to Jesus.

It’s where your hopelessness parks you on bended knee at your Savior’s feet.

It’s where a life can become completely surrendered to God and leave the devil breathless.

2013 filled my heart with ache, but my God.

My God conquered when I had no fight in me.

My God has given and taken away.

My God has blessed in the middle of bad.

And it’s because of Him I’m still standing.

It’s because of Him my family is still together.

It’s because of Him my son is seeking Jesus from his prison cell.

It’s because of Him I trust.

He stamps the trials with worth.

So whether your 2014 is met with happiness or heartache choose to lean into your God.

Praise Him in advance for what He has planned and trust Him like never before.

For this God of ours proves and out does Himself to a believing heart with no hesitation. And in the unhappy your heart will leak with unexplainable joy only He can provide.



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12 Responses to (un)Happy New Year!

  1. Joan says:

    My 2013 brought challenge and pain, too. However, God is always so good! He has been strengthening me and growing me as He prepares me for this new year. He knows what lies ahead and I am trusting Him because no matter what the future brings, I know I am secure with Him!

    Blessings and nice to meet you!

    In Christ, Joan

    P.S. I found you through Beth at Simply Beth!

  2. jlflorine says:

    You are a strong women of God and His peace and strength shines through you!! Thank you for this post!!! ♥

  3. Beth says:

    I truly am so joyful that we have connected. You share such lovely words and truth here. This year ahead will be difficult for me but I love how God is becoming so present in my life and I’m learning the only way to get through this year is to continue to seek Him with all my heart.
    Much love to you,

  4. kim says:

    Beautiful words…blessings to you in 2014.

  5. thoughtfulimagesink says:

    These words encourage me! You are a blessing.

  6. Barb Nichols says:

    I so appreciate these words! You bless me.

  7. jillberan says:

    Love this Lelia…your heart is on paper and it’s shining for Him! Blessings to you! And may He draw you even closer in the year to come!!

  8. hisfirefly says:

    at His feet, surrendered
    whatever it takes to get me there

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