Despite Our Fears


The enemy of confidence.

The silent killer of courage.

The little red devil on the shoulder of belief.

Sometimes things happen in our lifetime that make us afraid to try again. They cause us to be afraid and no matter how hard we try to place our trust in the Savior’s lap, there is a part of us still holding hands with fear. Fear has a power all of its own if we let it.

I’m writing this from the Hilton hotel lobby about a mile from the prison our son is in. We are waiting to go to his parole hearing and this is a much better lobby than the prison one and they have a Starbucks.

Today’s hearing determines when he gets out. Three out of the five board members have to approve his release to parole.

Fear tried to park itself in the driveway of my heart this week, but God showed up in a tow truck and hauled his behind away.

I strongly believe what is about to happen is because God has approved it. Not today, but before our son ever made his appearance in this world 19 years ago. Last weekend my girlfriend said this at a conference and it stuck with me… What God is doing now was already in the works years ago.~ Deidra Riggs

God did some amazing things leading up to today to remind us…Do not fear.

So we’re taking God at His Word. A God known for His faithfulness because He alone knows where our son needs to be.

Recently, our friend from church wished his son a happy birthday on Facebook. His son was born after he and his beautiful wife Miki lost their precious baby daughter. This is what he wrote and I asked him at church last night if I could share this:

After our daughter returned to her Creator, He created for us another child for us to love and care for, despite our fears. ~Vern Montgomery

Despite our fears…I love that. God knows that we’re going to be afraid at times and yet in His tender-hearted way He will bless us in our hardest of days. Despite Vern and Miki’s fears of loss, He kept growing their family and they trust Him.

I started this post while at the Hilton and had to pause to attend the hearing.

All five board members approved his release. He will be on parole for over a year after his release and immediately the fear of him violating parole invaded my mind. Despite our fears He has blessed us with a release date.

In April, I will cook for my son for the first time in a year and already FEAR is on my front porch ringing the doorbell trying to get in. I think I’ll open the door and let Aaron’s dog out with the command, get him Kane! and just soak in the decision God made today regarding our son’s future.

Whatever you may have that is causing you to have fear, remember that despite our fears, God wants to bless and love on us.

Let Him.



We are overwhelmed with the prayers, support and love that has been shown to our family. Thank you so much. For everything. To God be the glory.


The Chealey family

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7 Responses to Despite Our Fears

  1. All five. Unanimous. I believe God’s got big things planned for your son.

    And yeah… that Deidra’s something else!

  2. Despite our fears–yes! I’m going to be holding on to those words today. And for days to come. And that Deidra Riggs? She is something.

    I hope the dog tackles your son and knocks him to the ground when he gets home–in the very best possible way. Rejoicing with you.

  3. Lelia, I’m truly happy for you! This is indeed the day that the Lord has made, and we must rejoice and be glad in it. Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Forget Everything and Run. OR: Face Everything And Rise. I think the last one is the word for you today, Lelia!

  4. Linda Hooks says:

    I am so happy for you and your family!!! Words can not express the way that you have inspired me, through your posts and your blogs. You ARE an amazing woman who is so honest and open with the things that you share and I just want you to know how much I appreciate YOU! Thank you for making me think a little harder before I make decisions or have fear myself. We always think our burdens are heavy until we hear someone else’s.
    Celebrate in April and you all will continue to be in my prayers. Trust in the Lord, for he know what he is doing! ( I need to remind myself this daily! )

  5. Kelly Greer says:

    Yes, despite our fears, He remains faithful. I just wrote about a very similar experience with my son and even though I didn’t use the words “despite our fears,” it is the truth that colors the story. I think you would be as encouraged to hear what is going on in my world, just as I am encouraged by what is going on in yours. Our God knows we need the encouragement of others to walk through that fear. So thankful for you.

  6. I love you, friend. All you can do is take one day at a time and enjoy every bit you are given to enjoy. Fearing tomorrow robs us of our joy and happiness in this day. Give tomorrow to God. He’s already there anyway.

  7. hisfirefly says:

    despite our fears
    He continues to have His way
    all for His glory
    rejoicing with you
    and staring fear down!

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