My Story of Abortion

I always thought my abortion would be my dark secret kept between me and God. Little did I know that it would be what He would want me to share with not just those close to me, but with many women.

Below is the link to when I first shared my story on a popular Christian Mom’s blog called “It’s Almost Naptime” when my friend Missy took me up on the offer to post about my experience…one day. Well, I extended my offer on a Monday and my one day was 2 days later as she asked me to post on that Wednesday for the Roe vs. Wade anniversary. I said I would. Gulp. Now what? I was committed to write out my heart on it for the first time.

That was the beginning of my exposure of my secret and my healing journey.

Since that first blog post in 2008, God has led me to continue to write about my choice of regret. In November 2011, I became a Certified Leader for Surrendering the Secret, one of the biggest and most effective post-abortion ministries available. God is good and I am proof that He takes our deepest, darkest, ugliest past choices and trades the shame and sorrow for His grace and glory.

Here are some posts I’ve written on abortion. If you have had an abortion or abortions, please email me or contact Surrendering the Secret at 1-813-931-1804 or visit the website by clicking on the picture below. We want to help you stop living in shame and live in the freedom God has waiting for you.

February 2, 2013: Inbox message received on Facebook:                                                        Hi, Lelia. 

You don’t know me, but I just wanted you to know that your post on abortion, which showed up on my friends’ news feed Thursday, is what kept going through the mind of my daughter, who just found out she was pregnant, and because of a previous difficult pregnancy felt she sort of had no choice, but to have an abortion. But once again, God has used you to save another baby. PRAISE HIM! I’m humbled and in tears as I write this. His power is SO awesomely obvious. For your post to show up when it did…..His timing is perfect. Twice, she sat in front of the abortion clinic (including this morning), and both times knew that she couldn’t go through with it. I just found this out a couple of hours ago. I want to thank you for your story, and am so sorry you went through your painful ordeal. His glory is exposed in our weaknesses and our imperfections. Today, my eyes are more opened to HIS grace and His love than they have been in a long time. This will be a risky pregnancy, but I know (and so does my daughter) that He has it all in control. May God continue to bless you and use you for His glory. I just had to let you know how grateful I am to God and to you for sharing your story on Facebook – it has saved a life today in Houston, TX.

The Path I Never Thought I’d Take

Dogs Stay, Husband Goes

Like Charlie Sheen Says…Winning!

Living the Life I want Without Jesus

Do You Really Believe He Has Risen?

Don’t call me that, Jesus doesn’t                                                                                                   ~re-posted on ICU Mobile, a ministry that shows women who want to abort an ultra-sound of their baby.

~re-posted on Focus on the Family‘s Facebook page, I Am Pro-Life . The post got people talking and thinking with over 5,300 likes, over 770 shares on Facebook and over 475 comments. God is good!

Hi Lelia,

I am a moderator of a facebook page called I Am Pro-Life and we shared your post on Saturday. We wanted to share your blog because we are sick and tired of Christians treating women who’ve had an abortion with such contempt. Well, in posting your article we saw the true colors of many of our facebook fans, and on Monday morning, my boss and I just cried because we felt so beat up after this post. I guess it’s just a taste of what you must experience, and for that, my heart weeps with you.We love your heart, your story, and your redemption of such a tragic event. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Respectfully,                                                                                                                                         Allison                                                                                                                                                                   Moderator of I Am Pro-Life FB page 

~re-posted 10/15/12 on The Daily Christian Post

Let the Truth be Told. Even in an Abortion Clinic



2 Responses to My Story of Abortion

  1. Mandy says:

    Feeling bad today. I aborted my fifth baby on may 17th 2012. Heartbroken. Alreadt weak in my mind I bought the while was for the best. I read your piece on CNN and looked for your webpage. Thabkyou needed some encouraging words. My baby I think was a boy. I called him Jonah. Did all that before the abortion. I believed I was the reason they were legal.Heartbroken now and really struggle some days. Today I felt like a murderer, Satan was winning. God lead me to you. I am his daughter

    some . days.

    • Oh Mandy, I’m so glad that God has crossed our paths. I understand your heartache. You are His daughter and you need to really believe that the forgiveness and grace Jesus offers us is available for you too, but we have to ask Him for it. Repent and truly turn away from the life that leads to compromise. We are never too far gone for Him; I’m living proof of that! I’ll email you now so we can chat further.
      big hugs,

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