YES to GOD study #3: “Behind Those Eyes” by Lisa Whittle

Book: Behind Those Eyes

Author: Lisa Whittle

Dates of study: September 23-November 18, 2008

Lelia is not currently leading online studies. If you’d like to use any of her posts to accompany your study, please request permission to copy or print by email at Thank you.

Desires Given God-Style

Chapter 1: The Truth Hurts

Convicible A post of encouragement by Lisa Whittle 

Chapter 2: Ms. Perfection

Chapter 3: Ms. Confidence

Chapter 4: Ms. Happiness

Chapter 5: Ms. Spirituality

Chapter 6: Cosmetics for the Soul (Done with Chapter 7)

Chapter 7: The Feelings we Conceal (Done with Chapter 6)

Chapter 8: We are Completely Loved and Completely Accepted

Chapter 9: We Are Completely Flawed and yet Forgiven

Chapter 10: The Truth Heals


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